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Intimate Apparel and Post-Mastectomy in Kelowna

Hager Orthopaedic Clinics offers a range of post-mastectomy products in Kelowna to help restore your confidence after surgery.

A mastectomy can significantly alter a woman's appearance. Breasts are associated with femininity and the loss of breast tissue can change how a woman views herself. Some women may opt to have reconstruction. However, not every woman is a candidate for breast cancer surgery and others choose to avoid another surgery.


For women that have not undergone reconstruction, or have had a reconstruction that leaves them unsatisfied, there are breast prostheses. Breast prostheses can restore the silhouette and symmetry that a woman had prior to her surgery. The prostheses look like breasts and can be worn inside a bra or adhered to the skin. There are a variety of shapes and sizes that can be custom fit to match the remaining breast or to match the breasts that were removed. Most breast forms are made of lightweight silicone. Breast prostheses do not limit your activities. There are breast forms available for everyday activities and ones made specifically for swimming.


Our Certified Fitter, Kimberly Spear, takes the time to properly measure and fit you with a form and bra that complements you best. She ensures that you receive the quality you expect and the comfort that you desire.


All British Columbia residents are eligible for Fair PharmaCare. It is free to enroll and the deductible is based on family income.

What PharmaCare Covers:

One breast prosthesis, per mastectomy, every two years ($450 maximum)
One breast prosthesis, per lumpectomy, every two years ($350 maximum)


Most plans will cover new breast forms every 1-2 years and many will cover two post-mastectomy bras/year. Women can find out what they have covered by calling their plan provider.


 Breast forms and bras must be fitted by a Certified Fitter in order to be covered by PharmaCare or other extended health plans.

 Hager Orthopaedic Clinics has two Certified Fitters and can direct bill PharmaCare and some funding agencies.

 Some patients will need to pay a patient portion or deductible. The deductible is based on the patients' family income. All drugs and medical supplies (including breast prostheses) that are billed to Fair PharmaCare work towards the same deductible. Therefore, if you have concerns about having to pay out of pocket for your breast form, sometimes it can be beneficial to wait until you have met your deductible towards the end of the year. In January, each year the deductible resets.
 Fair Pharmacare offers an income review if your income has dropped over 10% in the last 2 years. For questions about services, contact Health Insurance BC toll-free at


Many women have lymph nodes removed with their breast tissue. This can cause swelling in their chest, abdomen, and arms. Hager Orthopaedic Clinics carries compression bras, vests, tank tops, and shirts.


Our Certified Fitters carry a wide range of products. Some of the brands we carry include:

We are not limited to the products that we have in stock. If there is a particular style or brand that you are interested in, we are happy to order it in for you.

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